In conjunction with the editorial two short fashion films were made centring on Seann Miley Moore and his explosion onto the London Scene. Being a visual fearless artist as Seann is, we created his out of this world reality projecting patterns and imagery on him. I wanted to challenged myself to move away from reproduction of existing styles, to a genuine sense of risk and experimentation. My main goal was to play with symbolism, in such a way as to unsettle the viewer’s sense of a secure reading - in the context of the constructed sequences, each individual image is a puzzle which asks questions about REBIRTH, SUCCESS, SEXUALITY & IDENTITY.

Concept & Art direction by Indrek Galetin
Production & Cinematography by Anton Phatianov
Edit: Janek Galetin
Make up by Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Assisted by Jenny Morrell
Music: “Stay Forever” & “Empty Skies” by Mystxrival
Assistance by Leigha Fearon
Fashion credits: Fyodor Golan, Kristina Viirpalu & Hellava Girl
Belts: Elliot Rhodes