Paradigm Visuals

Four of Indrek Galetin’s pieces were shown as a part of the Paradigm Visuals group exhibition at Hoxton Basement in London.

The exhibition, which showcased the work of the second year Digital Photography students from London South Bank University, ran for one evening only on Tuesday the 15th December, 2015 from 6pm - 9pm and featured Galetin’s ‘Beyond fashion, gender and sexuality’ alongside the works of other great artists.

Artist's statement

Fashion surrounds us, like architecture, and sometimes we are unaware of its presence because it is always there. But how do we begin to understand what it truly means? Photographer Indrek Galetin wanted to catch moments that depicted the possibility of expressing what fashion, gender and sexuality means to him. Through this series of images Indrek strives to take the chance to change the notion of beauty and gender standards by firstly exploring the idea of being so overwhelmed by fashion, that it becomes a performative act.

Installation views

Selected works