To accompany Indrek Galetin's fashion editorial 'Abstraction' - Indrek directed two short fashion films centring on Seann Miley Moore and his explosion onto the London Scene. Being a visual fearless artist as Seann is, Indrek and his team created out of this world reality projecting patterns and imagery on Seann. Indrek wanted to challenged himself to move away from reproduction of existing styles, to a genuine sense of risk and experimentation. His main goal was to play with symbolism, in such a way as to unsettle the viewer’s sense of a secure reading - in the context of the constructed sequences, each individual image is a puzzle which asks questions about REBIRTH, SUCCESS, SEXUALITY & IDENTITY.

Concept & Art direction: Indrek Galetin
Production & Cinematography: Anton Phatianov
Edit: Janek Galetin
Makeup: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Music: “Stay Forever” & “Empty Skies” by Mystxrival
Production Assistant: Leigha Fearon
Makeup Assistant: Jenny Morrell
Fashion: Fyodor Golan, Kristina Viirpalu, Hellava Girl & Elliot Rhodes

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